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Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Prospero Planning have supported Pembrokeshire Coast National Park on multiple occasions during the past ten years, working on planning applications, pre-application enquiries and appeals, providing seamless cover at times when the team was stretched due to long- and short-term sick leave, vacancies and appeals.

Most recently, they were having difficulty in recruiting permanent staff, and with a senior planner on long-term sick leave, there was significant pressure on the team.

Prospero Planning stepped in to work remotely with the team in a planner role, taking on a case load of planning applications and pre-application enquiries to ensure that the planning service could still be delivered in a timely fashion.

“Prospero Planning has been able to provide extremely effective planning support to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority over a number of years.  Most recently during 2020/21 they are able to bridge the gap when we were short on staff with a tailor-made contract.  With varied experience in the ways that local authority planning departments work (including the nuances of National Parks) the Prospero team were able to hit the ground running and thankfully the dreaded experience of spoon-feeding consultants was not on the agenda!

Prospero have worked on individual planning applications, pre-application enquiries and appeals on behalf of PCNPA.  We have always been very satisfied with the quality of the work produced, together with the professional approach and the efficient, timely service and would not hesitate to contact them to assist us if the need arises or to recommend their services.”

Nicola Gandy, Director of Planning & Park Direction at Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Every member of the Prospero team has extensive first-hand experience in LPAs and understands the daily challenges of life as a planner – and the headaches faced by every Head of Planning.

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