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Emma Watkins BA (Hons) MSc MRTPI has over 22 years’ town planning experience.

From a young age, Emma has been driven by a desire to want to help people and make things better in the world. She soon realised that town planning was her niche and has a genuine love for all things planning-related, especially in her home country of Wales.

Emma has seen huge benefits to her own professional life since investing in her personal wellbeing and loves helping planners deal with the challenges they may face in what can sometimes be a stressful environment.

Every member of the Prospero team has been handpicked by Emma to ensure they believe in the Prospero ethos and share her commitment to improving planning in Wales through a focus on the human side of planning as well as excellent technical skills.

Every member of the Prospero team has extensive first-hand experience in LPAs and understands the daily challenges of life as a planner – and the headaches faced by every Head of Planning.

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