Meet Prospero Planning

Emma Langmaid, Prospero Planning

Hello!  Thanks for visiting to find out a little bit more about who works at Prospero Planning.

Emma is a Chartered Town Planner with over 20 years of experience and leads the team of associates at Prospero Planning.  Emma has worked in local government planning departments across England and Wales (and even in NZ) and prior to setting up Prospero Planning in 2012, led a team of Planners and Landscape Architects at one of the country’s largest private sector multidisciplinary consultancies.

The team of associates at Prospero Planning all have extensive experience of working for both private sector and public sector clients.

Why choose us to help you?

Our careers to date have provided varied and challenging work opportunities with exposure to many different types of developments. Our experience across both sectors of planning gives us a unique position in understanding the challenges to development, as well as the solutions to complex planning problems or planning applications.

We have an excellent understanding of, and relationship with, Local Planning Authority departments across Wales and England, many of whom have been our clients as we support them with their planning functions.